Join the MNCG

We are currently accepting members only in the “Minnesota Cidery Member” category. Additional non-voting memberships will be available soon.

To be eligible to join as a “Minnesota Cidery Member,” which is the only voting membership level, your organization must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a licensed Minnesota winery
  • You must produce a minimum of 500 gallons of cider per year (cider as defined by the TTB)
  • Your cider must be made in Minnesota from fresh-pressed apples or pears
  • You must hold a valid TTB winery permit

Note that there is one vote per member cidery. If there is more than one organization involved in a cider production facility, the one holding a majority interest is eligible for Minnesota Cidery membership.

By joining the MNCG as a “Minnesota Cidery Member,” you are certifying that your organization is eligible for voting membership according to the criteria listed above.

Additional non-voting memberships exist for cideries-in-planning, orchards, allied trade members, and cider enthusiasts. These membership categories will be made available after Cider Week 2017.

Membership Level
Enter your TTB permit #
Enter your MN license #

MNCG Members

Member Cideries

Board of Directors

  • President, Gretchen Perbix (Sweetland Orchard)
  • Vice-President, Nate Watters (Keepsake Cidery)
  • Secretary, Debbie Morrison (Yellow Belly)
  • Treasurer, Rob Fisk (Wyndfall Cyder and Minnesota Harvest)
  • At-Large, Peter Gillitzer (Milk & Honey Ciders)

Link to our bylaws at